Painters monday!

Mar 17, 2019

Have you met our lovely painter#2 Claudina Fransina, or better known as Zusje!

She is our very own Floor Manager and has been working with us since 2011, but she has been painting Chichi’s since 2008. Way to go!

When she feels relaxed, her thoughts carry her to somewhere else where she finds her inspirations. She feels that THAT feeling is needed to be able to paint.

She has tree places she usually likes to paint, in her room, at her dining table or at her mother’s house set up under a tree, which is her favorite spot. While talking to her mother, sometimes at the same time, she finds inspiration.

Zusje sometimes finds it hard to give her painted Chichi’s away when she puts her love and time in them, but she knows they will find a good home in the end.


Thanks for always being there for us Zusje!