Painters monday!

Mar 25, 2019

Let us welcome our Chichi Painter#55, Ineke van Riemsdijk, who you might have seen also working in our Punda Shop.

Ineke moved to Curacao since 2000 and is a proud single mother of her daughter, Megan.

Ineke used to live for a few years next to our Art Factory and worked as a Chichi Sales lady in Riffort. She knew lots of people that love the Chichi’s story, who painted them and the social aspect of the environment.

Ineke started painting Chichi’s in Red and White as many people loved those colors for their collections. She loves black and white designs too.

At times there was just not enough time in her life for painting but Serena kept supporting her and she really appreciated it.

She now has her own atelier at home she paints in, her daughter uses it for homework and her dog loves to snuggle up to her legs while she paints.

Thanks for all your time and love Ineke!