Painters monday!

Apr 8, 2019

Let us welcome our Chichi Painter#57, Joan Bentura-Hoelen!

Married, two daughters, handcraft teacher and worked for R.K.C.S for 42 till she retired, Joan has almost done it all!

Joan went on a tour of the Art Factory with her colleagues and fell in love with it, she then decided when she retired she will become a Chichi Painter!

On February 2017 she because our lovely Chichi Painter, after 3 weeks of getting taught at painting workshops and 6 months of being a New Painter, she finally got her own number, #57 !

Joan loves to paint, its very relaxing. She usually gets her inspirations from the internet or her own fantasies.

She is always fascinated how the Art work is done once the final touches are made.


Thanks for all your wonderful work Joan!