Our painters

#57 Joan Bentura-Hoelen

born in 1956 in Curaçao

‘I’m retired for almost a year, after working 42 years for R.K.C.S one of our local schools on Curacao as a handcraft teacher. I’m married and I have two daughters and 4 grandsons.

How I became a chichi painter? With mine colleagues we went to a tour at Serena’s Art Factory N.V it was very amazing. After the tour I comment that when I retire I will become a Chichi painter. So my dream came true Feb. 2017.
I started with a teaching workshop at Serena’s place for 3 weeks and after 6 month’s I became an official painter #57. Painting Chichi is very relaxing. My designs are from internet and own fantasy.
What makes it fascinating painting Chichi is, that after painting the design the final touch is the black acryl paint. So the Art work Chichi is born.’

Let me know how you like my work