Painters monday!

Apr 22, 2019

Let’s take some time to talk about today’s Monday painter, Painter#48, Shoraima Everts.

Shoraima started painting Chichi’s since the beginning of 2015. She may not be married or have any kids at the moment, she does have her Nieces and Nephews who are pretty much as her kids.

Shoraima loved to draw and paint when she was a kid, as she got older she didn’t do much with her talent. But once her friend met Serena while she was recruiting painters at the African Fashion Show in 2014, her friend signed her up without her knowing but she was very thankful as she could pick up painting again and became a proud Chichi Painter!

Shoraima gets most of her inspirations from the sights of Curacao such as , houses and beach’s. Everything she sees she wants to paint, especially landscapes.

She usually paints in her bedroom, its quiet and very calming. She is always satisfied when she hands in her Chichi’s and joy when she thinks about her art decorating someone else’s live.

The only hobby she claims to have is Painting, painting and more painting!


Thanks for you beautiful way with art Shoraima!