Painters monday!

Apr 29, 2019

Let’s take this time to welcome a artistic paint of ours, Painter#34, Esther Caprino!

She may not be painting much at the moment, as she has started her own business of wonderful Calbas sculptures. Which she sells right next to our own Punda Shop.

Esther loves to be hands on in crafting and she uses her hands and head to come up with wonderful ideas. She usually gets her inspiration from listening to music. She uses painting as a way to explore what potentials she has and tries out different styles every time.

When Esther is painting she is always filled with enthusiasm and curiosity and is always astonished at what she accomplished in the end.

When not painting, she is enjoys gardening, swimming or making furniture’s out of pallets.

Ester finally decided to go in search of her own bliss and find something that makes her happy. She feels like painting and being creative is a part of that journey.


Ester we see how fast you are growing, Keep at it!