Our painters

#48 Shoraima Everts

–          born in 1968 in Curaçao

”My name is Shoraima and I’m a Chichi®-painter since the beginning of 2015. I am not married and I do not have any children of my own. My Nieces and Nephews are like my kids.

Since I was a little kid I loved drawing and painting. Once I grew up I didn’t do much with my talent. But now I picked it up again.A friend of mine attended the African Fashion Show in 2014 and Serena was there recruiting painters. My friend signed me up without my knowledge. I am very thankful to her because she is the reason why I am a proud Chichi®-painter now. Her name is Monique Adamus.

I get my inspiration from the sights of Curaçao. The houses, …beaches, …everything I see I try to paint. I love painting landscapes the most but I have no problem painting anything else asked of me.

Usually I paint in my bedroom. It is nice and quiet there and very calming.Handing in my Chichi®s gives me a feeling of satisfaction as well as joy. The knowledge that my art will decorate someone else’s live, be it here on the island or somewhere around the globe, is extremely empowering.

You ask me what else I do as a hobby besides painting ….nothing! Painting is my one and only passion and pastime of choice.”

Let me know how you like my work