Painters monday!

Nov 4, 2019

We would like to happily introduce you to our Chichi painter, Painter#44, Urvaline Firma.
Urvaline is a proud mother of five beautiful children. She has been a Chichi® painter since 2015, but Urvaline feels like she has been painting Chichi® all her life now.

Urvaline is very welcoming with the income she gets from her painting skills. She has been painting since she was a little girl.
Everything she sees around can inspire her, such as a nice dress or a beautiful picture in a magazine. Even nature does the trick!

You can usually find Urvaline painting her Chichi® at her kitchen table. Her kids love to sit and watch her work. One of her daughters even helped her paint a Chichi®, she even wanted to be a Chichi painter once she gets older.

Urvaline usually feels a sweet sorrow when she has to hand in her Chichi®. She loves her sculptures but also wants them to bring joy and happiness to other people. She feels proud that her talent and skills can give someone a smile on their face.

Thanks for all your hard work Urvaline!