Painters monday!

Nov 11, 2019

We would like to happily introduce you to our Chichi painter, Painter#45, Joyceline Gijsbertha.
Joyceline is a proud single mother of 2 children. She has been a Chichi® painter since July 2015!

Painting has always been a passion for Joyceline, she used to work as a graphic designer for a t-shirt company. She usually gets inspired from inside, but also gets inspiration from what is around her.

Joyceline can be usually found painting her Chichi® on her computer table. She loves to sing as she was in a choir, which is why she sometimes even sings while she is painting her Chichi®.

She is very proud of the moment she got to paint a whole mural at her Church!

We are very proud of your work Joyceline!