5th week working from home

Apr 16, 2020

Good day!

This is our 5th week working from home.

Just like in the Netherlands, this week started with an official holiday, namely Easter Monday. The Friday before was Good Friday, which is also an official holiday in Curaçao. So, we had a long weekend.

The working week started on Tuesday and this started with an online staff meeting. Normally we have staff meetings with all the staff once every 6 weeks. This staff meeting could not take place in the normal way because of the lockdown we are working from home. We have therefore chosen to do the staff meeting online this time.

Serena has been very busy over the Easter weekend to record some videos to inform everyone about the situation we are in. She has explained that unfortunately it is not something of a temporary nature but that it can take years before everything is back to the old level. It can take a few months before tourists return to the island and then it remains to be seen how many tourists will come. This is expected to grow slowly again.

Serena has given several examples of what kind of measurements the company can take and what consequences these measurements have for the company. Finally, everyone is asked to provide their email address. Now is a great opportunity to work more digitally. Here on Curaçao that is considerably behind compared to the Netherlands. Many people do not have access to the internet and / or a laptop at home. But we are now entering a different era with all of us.

After the staff meeting, everyone personally discussed what they could still do at home. Unfortunately, this is gradually becoming less and less.

As expected, the lockdown was extended by 2 weeks last Saturday. This weekend, however, it will be examined whether the measure can perhaps be loosen up a little.

At the moment no new corona cases have been added and there are only 3 still active cases on the island so that is positive.

Maybe next week we can transport stocks again to at least get the home production going.

Until next week.

Hermien Visscher
Office manager Serena’s Art Factory