Work from home, 4th week

Apr 8, 2020

Good day!

We are already working from home in our 4th week. Although working…… Serena asked everyone to take paid vacation days this week. For the full-timers that is 4 days because Friday is Good Friday and this is an official day off in Curaçao. Fortunately, everyone agreed.

One colleague had gone on holiday to the Netherlands at the beginning of March. She returned to Curaçao March 27th, earlier than planned. This week she still must remain in quarantine and is therefore not allowed to go anywhere or see anyone.

Every week we need to decide how to continue. What support will the government give and depending on that support, how long can Serena’s Art Factory pay the wages of all employees.

On Curaçao, a daily press conference is given by the epidemic scientist Izzy Gerstenbluth and Prime Minister Eugene Ruggenaath. On Monday they announced that 2 more people tested positive for the coronavirus. This brings the total number of corona cases to 13. Of these, 5 are still active.

According to initial reports, the lockdown would last through this week. We are curious whether it will be extended or whether we can slowly open up again.

We think it will be extended.
Next week you can read more about this after the Easter weekend.

Keep strong, take good care of each other and treasure what you have.

Hermien Visscher
Office manager Serena’s Art Factory