Staff training

Oct 27, 2021

We are so excited because not only we could start with our new Chichi Painter course. Serena’s Art Factory also got the opportunity to teach 6 woman to become plaster retouch craft women. Working with our hands makes us relax and we are very blessed. Serena feels so blessed to be able to teach again.
This is all is possible because of the donations received through our Crowdfunding project. We have already sold about 60 illustrations!
Serena and her team are making a VERY LARGE 2 x 2 meter Chichi® and will paint her live with illustrations of all the attractions that Curaçao has to offer. Through Crowdfunding, anyone can buy an illustration for only 1 naf per cm2 (0.50 euro cents). We have sponsor options available from 9 naf to 2.500 naf to fit everybody’s budget. We hope that you consider supporting us with one of these illustrations; for more information and available illustrations you can visit
With our crowdfunding project we are looking for sponsors that are willing to make a social contribution. Our goal with the collected funds is to get all our painters back on board, to empower them again with extra income. Also we want to give Art back to the people and visitors of Curaçao. This sculpture will be donated to Willemstad, Punda when she is finished, where your name or logo can shine on the board next to her.
Thank you to all our sponsors that are already part of the XXXL Chichi crowdfunding project. YOU made this possible.