Local Partnership

Mar 8, 2022

We are very happy to officially announce our partnership with Kara Productions B.V. Since last year Kara Productions B.V. is making our XXL & XXXL Chichi’s®. Due to time and personnel shortage Serena changed her way of working and found great artists to help produce the XXL & XXXL sculptures. She is very happy that she found the perfect local partner with craftmanship skills and experience in creating big Art sculptures.

For us it is very important to support local businesses, together we can create more employment and empower our residents with their own income. This way Chichi® continues to stay a local handmade product. These XXL sculptures are made with Styrofoam, to shape the sculpture, and coved with fibermats and polyester to make it a durable (outdoor) sculpture. During the production Serena is in very close contact with the production team, together they are able to manufacture the perfect size for your Business or Home. The painting will be done by our own Chichi painters.