Royal Visit

Chichi® Curaçao welcomed the Royal Family with open arms!

For Chichi® Curaçao it was a great pleasure to welcome His Majesty the King, Her Majesty Queen Máxima and Her Royal Highness the Princess van Oranje to our historical capital city center part of the UNESCO world heritage site. Serena Israel, founder of Chichi® Curaçao, is honored and grateful that the Royal Delegation has asked Chichi® Curaçao to be part of the introduction of the Princess van Oranje to the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. They requested to see our XXXL crowdfunding Chichi®, which is now based in Punda. This Chichi® has shown in past 2 years, during the covid pandemic, that we all stand together and that we can strengthen each other, companies and private individuals, no matter which nation. This Chichi is painted with all the diversity that Curaçao has to offer, it’s important to Serena Israel and her team to show the world the wealth of Curaçao. Chichi® empowers through Art in all colors, for mutual support and love. Art opens doors to discuss and reflect, because Art & Color bring life.

Chichi® is just one of the many art expressions of the cultural history of Curaçao and its people, as well as the murals in different places, the beautiful works of art in different galleries and museums, and the new generation of artists. Serena is proud that the team and painters, mostly mothers, can express their strength through creativity and have such an impact on our cultural awareness.

This event was truly the culmination of the work of all the staff at Serena’s Art Factory, in the year of our 15th anniversary. We are honored that the Royal Family was interested to learn more about local art forms on our islands.