Our painters

#11 Ingrid Lodder

born in 1952 in Curaçao

”I am retired. Since 2009 I am painting Chichi®s. Sometimes they call me the driftwood-painter.

Most of the Welcome- / BonBini-Boards are painted with my brush. I love to create sceneries, I see houses and landscapes in the driftwood.

When I paint, I sit most of the time on my back porch. After watching the world news on TV sometimes I get very sad from hearing what has happened in the world- but when I get to paint nature scenes, animals and the houses of Curaçao, I feel relaxed again and I can let my imagination spin. I feel happy to pass a new art piece on to the world. I hope it can make a little positive change in this world and make people happy.

My garden and my dogs are my passion. I think you can see it in my work. One day I would love to see all my painted Chichi®s back. I put a piece of myself into my work.”

Let me know how you like my work