Our painters

#80 Stracey Silie

–          born in 1973 in Curaçao
At the moment I work part time for an orthopedic shoe store as a sales representative. I’m very happy that I got the opportunity to paint Chichi beside my work. Since primary school I know that I like painting and drawing. I know I got this talent from God, I’m very greatful for that.

I prefer to paint in the living room. I like to paint the sunset so you will regularly find that on one of my Chichi’s. But also the typical Curaçao houses, the beautiful nature of our island, our flag and hearts can be found on my Chichi’s.

On the appointed day I will return my Chichi‘s. It makes me then so happy to see Serena’s smile when I unpack them. Serena inspires me to further develop myself and to keep challenging myself. If I leave the Chichi’s behind, I hope that they will soon find a new beautiful place with the person who buys it. I hope to see that smile on him/her aswell.

My mother says every time she sees me painting: “Are you painting yourself again?” Because she says I also have those beautiful round curves just like Chichi 🙂


Let me know how you like my work