Our painters

#21 Art Sugrim

–          born in 1994 in Curaçao

”I am painting Chichi®’s since 2014. I love weird and strange patterns and I use my experience with nail design/art to bring those to life on the Chichi® outfits. Often I am inspired by flowers & plants in our garden and lose myself in the landscape settings. I feel my problems float away when I paint in my room on my desk. I feel relaxed and forget everything around me.

My mother takes the Chichi®s to Serena’s Art Factory, she informs me later what feedback Zusje (#2) &Serena gave. Feedback is important to me, I can improve my work even more. Every now and then I don’t want to hand in my Chichi® because it feels that a part of me gets taken away. It even hurts sometimes.

In my spare time I read books, watch creative videoson YouTube or watch TV. I also love swimming and talking with friends.”

Let me know how you like my work