Community Support

Committed • Supportive • Empowering

In addition to her artistic and commercial activities, Serena provides community support by creating and auctioning objects of art and custom made souvenirs. These activities help to empower vulnerable groups within the community like teenage mothers or children in care or fund valuable initiatives like fundamental cancer research.

Instead of donating money, Serena always tries to activate individuals and vulnerable groups to earn money and gain funding themselves. She does this by involving them in the design, production, painting and auctioning of her art objects and souvenirs.

Successful community projects, in which Serena played a role, include the Art project for young local mothers (Fundashon Mami Sa) and the art auction at Bistro Le Clochards to support the funding of an orphanage in Banda Bou.

Serena Israel & Serena’s Art Factory recently also participated and/or organized the following community projects for Marnix school FO, Bay West Curaçao, Stichting F.E.L.I.S. Curaçao, Nafasi group, NA PECHU Curaçao 2013 (Breast cancer awareness); family day project at K-Center.

Meet Chochi!

As of September we are having a special new family member at our Factory, the Chochi®!