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At Serena’s Art & Souvenir Shop, adjoining Serena’s Art Factory, you can buy an amazing variety of souvenirs, sculptures, paintings and fashion items, handmade and hand painted in Curaçao. Serena’s ever expanding line of souvenirs include her famous Chichis®, goats, donkeys, smiley’s, geckos and tropical fish and come in different shapes and  sizes. Her elegant, colorful line of multifunctional dresses, hats and bags is perfectly suited for the Caribbean climate and style of life.

In de past years Serena’s team has created different, successful product and souvenir lines for weddings, bachelorettes, children’s parties, Christmas celebrations, community and corporate events. These items that can be tailor made to your specific wishes and will definitely add a unique Caribbean charm to any party or event. If you have artistic talents of your own or have your own painter in mind, you can buy a white plastered souvenir or sculpture to paint and decorate yourself.



Chichi Small
(6 cm)
Naf.    48,- $  28,-
(6 cm)
Naf.    58,- $  34,-
Chichi Flying
(10 cm)
Naf.    58,- $  34,-
Chichi Medium
(15 cm)
Naf.   138,- $  79,-
Chichi Standing with rollers
(21.5 cm)
Naf.   168,- $  96,-
Chichi Large
(28 cm)
Naf.   348,- $  199,-
Chichi Large with rollers
(32 cm)
Naf.   388,- $ 222,-
(17 cm)
Naf.  78,- $  45,-