Daily Meal Program

An organization close to our heart is Daily Meal program Curacao. The Daily Meal Program Foundation stands up for the vulnerable in society. They cook healthy meals three times a week for people in need. DMP grows vegetables in the neighborhood vegetable garden with local residents, with a view to the self-reliance of our target group.

We are happy that we could support this foundation once in a while. Last Christmas we had a XXL Chichi available at a Pop-Up Christmas fair. The Pop-up Market in Vredenberg was a success, where visitors could paint little parts of this beautiful Chichi for a donation to Daily Meal Program. For lots of people it is a dream to become a Chichi Artists. At the pop-up market, everybody could experience that feeling of being a Chichi Artist in return of a donation to the Daily Meal Program.

We are happy with the recognition of our efforts by reading about it in their newsletter. We are also very grateful they thought of a Chichi as a present for a leaving board member. Of course we painted the logo of Daily Mail Program on it, free of charge.

Want to read the whole newsletter of Daily Meal program, click here. When you might have something to spare for this meaningful hardworking organization, click here