Our painters

#45 Joyceline Gijsbertha

–          born in 1956 in Curaçao

“Well, my name is Joyceline andI am the single mother of 2 children. I am decorating Chichi®-sculptures since July 2015.

Painting has always been a passion of mine. I used to be a graphic designer for a t-shirt company who prints Carnival shirts. I am self-inspired, all the ideas I put on a Chichi®-Sculpture are born inside my head.

I love to look around me to get inspired. When I see a print that I like for example, I adapt and adjust it, so it fits the concept of Chichi®.At home I paint at my Computer table. I move my keyboard so I create some room for my Chichi®s to sit on.

I love to sing as well. I used to sing in a Choir but now I just sing around the house while doing my Chores. Yes, even when I paint…I sing!What I would like for people to know about me: Once I had the opportunity to paint a whole Mural at my Church. That was a great experience and it was a lot of fun to do!”

Let me know how you like my work