Our painters

#46 Milange Gijsbertha

born in Curacao

“I am the mother of 5 children. I have been a Chichi®-painter since September 2016. I started painting because of my mom.

She is a Chichi®-painter as well. Although I have been painting since my childhood, it was my mom who triggered my interest in the Chichi®-sculptures. My inspiration comes from all around me. From my kids, from what is surrounding me and my mood also influences what I paint.

At home I have a special table in the living room where I spend many hours painting. It doesn’t matter if the kids are around. I paint just as well. Sometimes I paint in the mornings and other times at night.I don’t have any problems with handing in my Chichi®s. I get feedback from Zusje (#2) and Serenaand I go home to apply the tips and tricks they provide me with.

Besides Painting I have one big hobby and that is DANCING. I love to dance. It does not matter what kind of music, I just love moving to the rhythm. Although I often say that I don’t have a favorite kind of music…. I have to admit that Reggeaton is on top of my list. One thing about me that people should know: I have, what people call, Butterfingers. I often drop Chichi®and break an arm or a leg. It’s horrifying, but I am just clumsy like that.’

Let me know how you like my work