Our painters

#52 Mavis Bonavasia

born in 1964 in Curaçao

”Well my name is Mavis and I am the mother of a boy and a girl. Since 2015 I am a Chichi®-Painter.

Since I was in school I loved doing arts and crafts. I always got the highest score in the class for this subject. Also my drawing skills are very good.

Before I start painting I always look around me for inspiration. Books and magazines are great but just walking in downtown Punda gives me various ideas. The Handelskade, the boats and the buildings are amazing and I try to portray them on the Chichi®s. I also love painting flowers and patterns.

At home I paint at the kitchen table. But when it gets really, really hot, I go outside in the garden and paint at a little table I have under a tree.

Before I have to hand in my Chichi®s I revise them meticulously. I even have my daughter look at them to make sure they are perfect. Once I get to the factory I like to pay attention to what the team gives me as feedback so I can do better the next time around.

Yes, I have other hobbies besides painting. I love to cook and make typical Curaçao sweets and treats. I also love to go out and about around town.”

Let me know how you like my work