Our painters

#56 Eugenia Cardenas Branger

born in Valencia, Venezuela

”I was born and raised in Venezuela, my beautiful country! Then I met the love of my live and married her and decided to move to the island to start our life. I met Serena through my wife even before I came to live on the island; when I finally moved, I started with the ‘welcome and let’s see if you meet the standards workshop’ and happily became a part of the Chichi family.

I’m a graphic designer and artist at heart. I have always loved to do handcraft and express myself through everything I make.

My painting is especially inspired from nature, colors, Caribbean vibe and energy.

Even though sometimes I have little time out of my other jobs, I always come back to my Chichi’s as I enjoy painting them so much.

I’m very happy I could become part of the Chichi family and that I can touch people all over the world with my designs.  For now I moved back to my beautiful Venezuela to be with my family but I will never regret my life in Curaçao, the people I met, the experiences I had and the team I worked with in Serena’s Art Factory.”

Let me know how you like my work