Our painters

#92 Maaike Bijlsma

– born in 1968 in the Netherlands

Painting enlarges my world, I paint my own view that I enjoy every day!

I am Maaike, artist and affected by a disabling illness.
Sitting still and doing nothing doesn’t suit me and so the match is perfect with the vibrant company Serena’s Art Factory.

Which artist has such a strong team at her disposal to present the painted artworks to the world? Who always has enough paint at her disposal and always the finest brushes, without having to leave the house? Which artist has so many colleagues who inspire each other to convey so much color and joy to our audience?!

To be honest, I’m always in love with the Chichi’s® I paint. I leave them on my desk for days to enjoy. Then I can give them away to my colleagues who finish them with care for the store. Sometimes I go to the store to see how attractive all those Chichi’s® are and proudly recognize my work among all that splendor.

I prefer to paint eyes, eyes fascinate me, the mirrors of the soul.
On the Chichi’s® I like to paint images of Curaçao, in all its beauty and colorfulness, the island I love!

I am proud to be one of the Chichi® painters!

Let me know how you like my work