Where is the Japanese Chichi?

Nov 30, 2018

Last year, Miss International 1st RU 2017, went to Japan and she took our gift with her. A Japanese Chichi! Miss International brought our Chichi all the way to Japan and they had a great adventure together. You may all know that since our chichi went on the auction at the Japanese event, we lost track of the new owner.

Well, wonders do exist! We, as the team of Chichi where stunned when we got to know that the new owner of our Chichi went to the same event like least year and she tried to find Miss International! She wanted to go on a picture with her, but not only with Miss International.. she also took the Japanese Chichi! Miss International was more than happy to go on the picture with her and her Japanese Chichi, so they did.

Now the big mystery of ‘’Who is the new owner?’’ is solved… it is the beautiful Miss Aki!

Instagram: @arkintse