Painters monday!

Dec 3, 2018

“Hi I am Marsha Williams Petrona, Chichi® painter #30 and I am born in 1985 in Curaçao.
Since 2014 I am a Chichi®-Painter. All my inspiration comes from what I see around me. I also take a lot of pictures so I have some inspiration when I am at home painting! When I paint I feel at ease and I completely forget the world around me. My husband made a special painting corner with a table in my living room. I also have a special tray where I keep all my brushes and paint. Sometimes I take my tray to paint and then I will paint on my bed. It can be difficult to give my Chichis® away because I put all my love in making them. I love painting Chichis®. I also sing gospel at the church and love to spend time with my family.”