Full Moon event

Nov 30, 2022

As you might be well aware our grounds are bigger than the Art gallery and shop. That is why we are happy to announce we accommodate a Full Moon event organized by Amazzonas Spa & Wellness Center
Let’s celebrate together this Full moon that will be the last one of this year. It is a perfect time to look back and show gratitude for the past year. Realize how many things you have accomplished, all the changes that have happened to you and for you.
Together we will close chapters that no longer serve us using all four elements, and recharge and empower ourselves for the upcoming year. With this new power we will look into our future with open mind to attract all the good things coming our way.
Join us for a celebration of this divine gift of life.
Are you coming?
(+599) 9 523 5214
Juan Luis 87a, On the road to the Ostrich farm, Santa Catharina /Joris bay