Curaçao Roadshow Germany

Oct 2, 2023

CTBE (Curaçao Tourist Board Europe) and KLM Germany joined forces to organize a creative Curaçao Roadshow in Germany, an unique event aimed at increasing awareness and engagement with the beautiful island of Curaçao. This captivating roadshow featured a memorable, fun, and artsy concept that left an indelible mark on all who attended. The Curaçao Roadshow was designed to provide an immersive experience for travel agents in Northern part of Germany.

The highlight of the evening was a hands-on artistic experience. Travel agents were invited to unleash their creative spirits by painting their own Curaçao street art piece, with each artwork being composed of 15 individual canvases. Götz Friedewald, a professional German artist, was there to provide guidance and to share painting techniques, ensuring that each masterpiece was a true reflection of the artists’ imagination. In each city (Düsseldorf, Bremen and Hamburg) the final masterpiece was given away to one travel agency that is using the painting as shop window decoration now.

In Berlin, a special touch was added as travel agents painted a Chichi. This choice resonated well with Berlin, which is where Serena Israel is born and grew up.

With a total of 160 travel agents participating across the four cities, the Curaçao Roadshow Germany proved to be a resounding success. This creative roadshow follows a tradition of innovative concepts, with previous editions involving yoga on mini SUP boards in 2018 and cinematic presentations of Curaçao in 2019. One travel agent from Düsseldorf expressed their enthusiasm, saying, “This has been the most fun event in Düsseldorf in 20 years!”

The Curaçao Roadshow Germany, presented by CTBE and KLM Germany, succeeded in leaving an indelible mark on travel agents, forging deeper connections with Curaçao and its vibrant culture. We hope to meet many of their clients on our beautiful island!