Our painters

#12 Kelly de Windt

– born in 1976 in Curaçao

”I am a housewife and a‘’yu di korsou!’’(I was born in Curaçao). Since 2009 I am painting Chichi®s.

I live with my mother, my sisters and their children all together in one house. Amarilez (#10) was one of my sisters.

Inspiration is easy to find. It’s all inside of and around me, I start painting and it comes to me automatically. Problems and worries are forgotten while I’m busy with my Chichi®s. I mostly paint in my bed.

When I give the painted Chichi®s back it feels great. When I have to go to work, I leave them on the kitchen table and my mother then passes them on to Zusje(#2).’’

Let me know how you like my work