Our painters

#40 Napthaly Boerleider

–          born in 1975 in Curaçao

” I am the proud mother of 2 children.Since I was a kid I loved being creative – Drawing, coloring and painting, arts and crafts. I had more talent than most of my peers but it wasn’t until high school when I realized that I really have a talent for painting. The days where we had art class where the best days in school.

My inspiration comes from all around me. I get inspiration of everyday things that usually don’t matter much, like the nature, the sunset etc. But the creations that come straight from the heart are the most beautiful ones.

I paint all kinds of stuff. Sometimes my painting is realistic but sometimes it also can be very abstract. I like painting abstract a bit more since I can let all my creative energy flow through my creations. It is so relaxing, I love it.

I usually sit on my porch to paint. Sometimes I do it inside as well but outside I have more fun.

I don’t mind handing in my Chichi®s. It gives me great joy to bring happiness to other by my creations. It’s great to hear that your Chichi®s are selling like ‘hot bread’.”

Let me know how you like my work