Our painters

#63 Sigdia Lomp

born 1972 in Curaçao

I was born in Curaçao, but I spent my childhood and adolescence in Venezuela, in 2002 I came back to Curaçao.

My first meeting with Serena was during an exhibition where I was painting the face of Aemy Felicia on a canvas. We had a conversation when Serena asked me if I wanted to paint for her and I told her that my last name is Lomp and then she said she also had an artist with the same last name. Her name is Mervinia Lomp Chichipainter number 8 and it turned out that we are related to each other.

Since January 2019 I started to paint the Chichi sculptures and I also worked as one of her staff members for more then a year. I appreciated that she has given me the opportunity to perform more tasks. 

I usually paint in my parents’ dining room, but sometimes you see me sitting by the beach painting my sculptures. Sometimes you can find me in a quiet environment with plants, flowers, iguanas where I can hear the birds singing and that gives me more inspiration to paint. Occasionally I also get inspired by what our elders have done. When you see or buy one of dolls, you can recognize the Venezuelan techniques on them.

When I bring the sculptures back to the atelier, sometimes I feel that I want to keep them to myself. That’s because a part of me is leaving with the Chichi. But that also makes me happy when a customer buys one of my Chichi and crosses the sea to another destination. It is just like a piece of my native Curaçao is going to another destination.

When I’m not painting, I usually go to the gym to work out. I also like to cook or train my mind with some administrative work or you can find me in nature where I can relax my mind from the busy world.

Let me know how you like my work