Our painters

#64 Lyda Voshart – Zwerver

born in 1971 in Mijdrecht, The Netherlands

Hello Chichi lovers,

I would like to introduce myself to everyone.
My name is Lyda and since March 2018 I live here with my husband on the beautiful island of Curaҫao.

In the same year my 2 daughters came here on vacation and I took them for a workshop at Serena’s Art Factory. This was my first experience with the Chichi sculptures. While painting, I became so relaxed that I decided to sign up as a new Chichi painter. I have been a proud Chichi painter since December 2018. Half a year later I got my number: #64.

Under the porch of our house I have a special craft table where I usually sit in the evenings to paint the Chichi sculptures. When I am babysitting, I like to paint the Chichi sculptures on the kitchen table.

I get my inspiration from clothes people wear on the street, the Internet or just an idea comes to mind.

I also worked in the Chichi shops for more then two years. I find it very special when Customers buy my painted Chichi sculptures. When I see my Chichi sculptures in the shop, I feel my heart leap with happiness. If a customer tells me that they have bought a Chichi sculpture which I have painted and let me know where my Chichi’s have moved to, I get extra motivation to continue painting.

In addition to painting Chichi’s, I also like to paint on shelves and bottles, I like to play and craft with my babysitting children, I make and repair clothing and curtains and I like to listen to music.

Let me know how you like my work