Our painters

#68 Amourette M. Carolus-Lourens

– Born in Curaçao

My name is Amourette M. Carolus-Lourens,  I am married and have two children, a daughter and a son. Both left home already; one lives in the Netherlands and the other one in Australia. I think it’s great that they live there, it gives me the opportunity to visit them. They both also regularly return to Curaçao.

As a child I already drew. My mother made cakes for children’s birthday parties and I helped her with the decoration. I drew Mickey and Minnie Mouse on the cakes.

I have no special source from which I get my inspiration for the Chichi®’s. I don’t like painting flowers, but I do like leaves. You will often see leaves on my Chichi®’s. I also love color! And often use many different colors together. At home I made a small Atelier where I paint the Chichi®’s. Painting Chichi®’s is a therapy for me. I don’t sleep long because of that I like to paint in the dark hours. I often paint at 1 / 2 o’clock at night: my Chichi®’s are “After Midnight Chichi®s.”

I usually have my Chichi’®s ready in the first week. So before I have to return them, they will be exhibited at my home for a week. It is nice to look at them and hear the reactions of visitors. I therefore have no trouble giving them up again after that week.

In addition to painting Chichi®’s, I am Teacher Handicraft and I am a volunteer at Fundashon Sinta Ros, a foundation for women who have conquered breast cancer. I also give Macramé workshops at Ackerman. Macramé is a handicraft technique where you tie various threads together and, for example, make a bag or plant hanger.

Let me know how you like my work