Our painters

#79 Natali Sint Jacoba

–          born in 1975 in Curaçao

I am Natali Sint Jacoba, I have three children. I am a nail artist for already 20 years. So I also “paint” on nails. This makes me a very creative person.  

I have a table in my backyard where I love to paint. I don’t have a preference to paint one thing in particular. I have different styles that I love to do. Besides my work I also get my inspiration from fabrics that I saw in the Netherlands.

Before I return my Chichi’s I always pray. I am hoping that the new owner loves them as much as I do.

I have a patient personality and love to work with my hands, I love to decorate the house, paint walls and a lot more creativity with my hands.

Let me know how you like my work