BLOG: DJ the Cat’s Insight of the Painters’ Visits

Mar 8, 2018

Oh hey! I am DJ. I have been a pet of Serena for two years. I have seen a lot, which is why I am going to share a little of what I know with you before I take a nap. Wandering around Serena’s Art Factory is something I love doing. I find so many comfortable areas to take nice naps or simply to sit or lie and observe what’s going on. One thing I enjoy watching is how the painters come to Serena’s Art Factory to hand in the Chichis® they finished painting, which happens usually on Mondays and Thursdays.

Jade Calvenhoven, who has been a Chichi® painter for 3 years, checks the colors and marks an “N” or a specific number before putting felt on the bottom of each sculpture. Each specific number identifies a specific painter, and an “N” indicates that the sculptures were painted by a new painter. Not long after, she goes in the stockroom where many sanded Chichis® are placed and takes a few to give to the painter. Afterwards, the painter goes home with the Chichi® dolls to paint them to bring them back next week when they are done.

On the shelves there are a few paint bottles that the painters use to refill their small clear plastic jars. All the jars have a unique set of numbers that match one specific bottle to prevent the painters from confusing two similar paint shades. Before the painter leaves the art factory, they have conversations about how I like to take naps on boxes or how I caught a lizard. This process is very entertaining to me, I tell you. I would tell you more, but it’s time for my nap! I’ll catch you later!

Jade Mambre