Open House

May 8, 2019

It’s time for celebration!
Chichi has made it to the 10 year mark and we want to celebrate this special event with all of you. 
Location : Serena’s Art Factory
Entrance : FREE
Date : 25 May 2019
From 9 AM till 5 PM

Enjoy a day with us full of fun activities, such as;
– Tours of our Atelier.
– Meet and greet our Chichi Artists.
– Live music by our local band, Kaha di Orgel.
– Local dance performances by our Youths.
– Chances to win prizes when buying a Chichi® in our shop.
– Many fun Mini games for kids.
– Get a chance to paint a Chichi with our One Hour Pre-painted 
Workshop. Best part is that the Workshop fee is FREE, you only 
pay for your chosen Chichi®

. Choose the Chichi® sculpture that you would like to paint during 
. our workshop:
. Chichi Small (6 cm) Naf 48,- $ 28,-
. Chichi Flying (10 cm) Naf 58,- $34,-
. Chichi Medium (15 cm)Naf 138,- $79,-
. Chichi Standing with rollers (21.5 cm) Naf 168,- $ 96,-
. Chichi Large (28 cm) Naf 348,- $ 199,-
. Chichi Large with rollers (32 cm) Naf 388,- $ 222,-

Have a bite to eat at Fridays Baby Truck food truck, a delicious drink at Mi Mojito & More and a yummy treat made by The Dih-Vahyn Indulgence!

Last but absolutely not least we are collaborating with Limpi to bring a special new product out for our 10 year anniversary! 

We want to thank everyone that supported us, helping us reach this amazing milestone and hopefully many more in the distant future!
We hope to see you there!