Painters monday!

Dec 16, 2019

We would like to happily introduce you to our Chichi painter, Painter#52, Mavis Bonavasia.
Mavis is a proud mother of 2 lovely children. She has been painting Chichi® with us since 2015!

Mavis loved doing arts and crafts since she was in school. She used to always get the highest score in class and her drawing skills where very good!

Before Mavis start painting, she will look all around her for inspiration. Books and magazines where great, but walking in our beautiful downtown Punda brings even more inspiration for her.

Mavis loves to paint at her kitchen table, where she paints the Handelskade, boats, buildings and flowers. When it gets really hot she moves to paint her Chichi® in her garden outside under her tree.

She always makes sure her Chichi® is perfect before she hands them in. Mavis even lets her daughter check them before hand.
When Mavis gets feedback she makes sure to put extra attention so she can do better next time.

When Mavis isn’t painting her Chichi®, you can find her cooking typical Curaçao sweets and treats. She also likes to explore the town and enjoy a walk around.

Thanks for all your hard work Mavis!