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We had a great interview with Sarah Harvey a few weeks ago and she wrote this amazing article about body positivity about it for BBC Travel. It was posted front page! We are so proud and thankful!. Here a part of the article. Whole article can be read at BBC Travel

By Sarah Harvey 2nd February 2022

An important part of Curacao’s dushi (sweet) culture, Mama and Chichi sculptures can be found across the island and have come to represent the beauty of the female form.

It’s impossible to travel around the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao without falling in love with the affectionate-looking, plus-sized Mama (mother) and Chichi (big sister) sculptures found in public squares, outside hotels and in unexpected locations around the island. Their poses – with hands outstretched in a welcoming embrace or clasped together in quiet contemplation – radiate maternalistic warmth. Combined with their lofty 2m scale, Curacaoans and travellers alike can’t resist rushing in to photograph a hug with a Mama or Chichi or stopping by for a quick chat.

Chichis are so much more than just a big sister; they capture the embraces, the pride and the heritage of many Curaçaoan women

“Lately, there is a lot of talk about body positivity. The Chichis help with this because they prove the shape of the body has nothing to do with the soul – how you feel, how happy you are, how important you are, and how hard you are working. For me, the sculptures show that women are truly amazing. We come in all shapes and sizes, and with all the colours and happiness in the world.”