Art X Auction

Serena designed an “office” game, named Wega di Ninichi©, especially for the auction of Artxcuracao, due to the importance of inclusion and to build an accessible community for every unique individual.
This interactive Artwork consist of different textures and is reflecting different elements of Curaçao. The children sculptures are called Yuchi®. Yuchi® is the adorable, cute youngest child of the family. We have the children with and without wheelchair playing together in this game. Which is our ultimate goal with the funds of this auction, to make playgrounds accessible for everyone.
Our piece got auctioned for the amazing amount of 2.500 naf. Richard Pools is the happy owner of this first edition of Wega di Ninichi©. Funds collected by this event will go to: Huntu inclusive playground, Ronald McDonald House and GreenKidz Curaçao.
We are very happy that we could make a positive contribution to this auction. We would like to thank the organization for making this possible and also thank you to all the generously bidders and the artists for donating their artworks.

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