Proud Breast Curaçao

Dec 16, 2022

Clary Scheres (41), director of ProudBreast, is an impact entrepreneur and designer at heart. Together with product designer and experience expert Suzanne Kemps (48), she founded ProudBreast; an impact platform for women with one or no breasts. A unique combination of community, product development and sales.

In 2019 they launched the Qup, the first external breast prosthesis that has been developed entirely from comfort. The impact is enormous. Meanwhile, the Qup has positively changed the lives of more than 5000 women.

Their mission is to empower connect and inspire women without breasts worldwide to live carefree lives. And we love to support that.

We came in contact with Simone van Dijk, Brand Ambassador Proud Breast Curaçao for a fundraising for Proud Breast Curaçao. For this event we created a Large Chichi with one breast. Proud Breast will make a prostheses for this Chichi and will auction it. With the amount we collect, we will give free breast prostheses to breast cancer survivors without health insurance and breast cancer survivors who are struggling economically, so they cannot afford a breast prosthesis themselves. We hope to collect a nice amount to support the women in need.

Reed more about Proud Breast here