What Chichi means to me

Dec 28, 2022

Last week I was with my partner at the art factory, where we had the pleasure and honor of meeting Serena. Serena asked me to email what Chichi means to me. Here is my story:

“Chichi, a name for the responsible vibrant and dynamic older sister on Curaçao. The first time I saw her, I was taken by the meaning of Chichi. She not only represents the older sister but also the eldest daughter or a woman not known by name.

As I grow older, I more and more realize that, as a woman, we need women in our lives that are our Chichi’s. Not by blood, but by love. For me those women, which can be only one, a few, or a lot, are the ones that stand by you as a woman in the good, but also in the bad and sad times of your life. They look after you, keep you safe, catch you when you fall, listen to your stories, laugh with you and sometimes at you and help you through sad times.

To me, women are powerful. In my profession as a midwife, I also see this, women can give birth, no matter how, they put new life into this world, which is not always easy and the outcome may not always be a happy one. But they do it and their lives will change forever.

To me a Chichi is all about love for other women, this is what I feel when I am with my friends, daughters, my colleague- midwifes and the women that I look after during pregnancy, delivery and in the weeks thereafter. That’s why I fell in love with Chichi the moment I saw her.
Last week, we bought some Chichi’s at the gallery and had the pleasure to meet Serena. Serena, thank you so much for your time and for Chichi 😊. “

Corina Schaap