Medium Bronze Chichi®

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The extraordinary line of Bronze Chichi’s® was first established in 2012 in Curaçao through a collaboration between Serena and the local non-profit organization Stichting Bronsgieterij Curaçao. Sadly, after the first edition of these rare art-lovers pieces were sold out, Serena’s Art Factory couldn’t continue this collaboration, due to the closure of the foundation, the production of bronze Chichi’s® on the Caribbean island of Curaçao came to an end.

In her search for alternatives, Serena naturally turned to her artistic roots in Berlin. With her background in plaster mold making and connections to mold makers from her apprenticeship in 1987, she sought their input and evaluated various options for producing the Bronze Chichi® abroad. Serena’s commitment to quality and her alignment with her artistic values led her to personally inspect workshops in Berlin and conduct interviews.

The first company she visits was Seilers Bildgiesserei and in her own words “it immediately clicked“. Serena was looking for a workshop that, like herself, values ​​the artistic idea and can also reproduce Chichi® with high quality craftsmanship. Seilers Bildgiesserei is a long-standing family business with almost a century of experience „where heart and work meet“. This meticulous approach eventually led her to collaborate with Seilers Bildgiesserei.

You can see Serena‘s high respect for this historic company in the decision to let them add their trademark on Chichi®. The new line of Engraved Bronze Chichi® (M, L) is not only a reproduction, it is a collaboration between two artisans. Building bridges between the past and the future, infusing creativity, cultural richness, and a human touch.

More about Seilers Bildgiesserei can be read here.

Our earlier produced small bronze Chichi® and keychain are made at Kunststofffabric Steffen Zwickel another renomated Berlin company. Read more here.