Trinidad and Tobago Press Trip

Curacao, known for its vibrant culture, music, history, cuisine, and pristine beaches, has shifted its focus to tourism as its primary source of income following the downsizing of its Isla Oil Refinery. After enduring COVID-19 lockdowns, Curacao has experienced a resurgence in tourism, surpassing pre-pandemic levels, with TT contributing significantly to this growth with a more than 200% increase in tourists compared to the previous year.

This increase can be attributed to expanded flight services, such as Caribbean Airlines offering flights twice weekly and Copa’s flights through Panama. In addition, an agreement with Corendon from the Netherlands has enhanced connectivity to Germany and Amsterdam, further boosting traveler numbers.

Elaine Hart Francisca, the regional manager for the Caribbean of the Curacao Tourist Board (CTB), encouraged collaboration among Caribbean tourist boards, emphasizing that their diverse cultures make them complementary rather than competitive. Sharing strengths and weaknesses and learning from each other could lead to fruitful partnerships in promoting the region as a whole.

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Curaçao Tourist Board organized a press trip from Trinidad & Tobago to show selected influencers the beauty of our Island. They also got the chance to join our workshop. What did they think of it?! Watch the video to find out….

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