The Art Factory Team

Just as much as Chichi® has grown so has the team working at Serena’s Art Factory.

Since 2009 Serena has not been working by herself anymore, she then found her first group of painters and her team just kept growing and expanding the same way the products have. Serena is extremely dedicated to her team and is always encouraging and motivating them, she truly believes in the power of teamwork and communication. It cannot be denied that the team is the heart and soul of Chichi®, they play such an important part in making sure all the love and charisma of Chichi can shine through. Each Chichi® has to go through twelve work stages, one of these stages is done by the painters at home and the other eleven are done here at the Factory. If you want to see more about the production process of the factory, look up ‘Chichi Curacao Creative Hands’ on YouTube.

Message from the team: “It has been a long journey for the whole team, for some longer than others. In the end coming together and being a part of the Chichi® project has been the biggest blessing to us.”


10 Years Anniversary

In May 2019 Chichi reached an amazing milestone; 10 years of production. We hosted and Open House to show our gratitude for everyone that supported us on all these years.