Closing our XXXL Chichi®crowdfunding

We are very proud and thankful that we reached 70% of our crowdfunding target. We have painted more than 155 illustrations during the crowdfunding. We have visited 13 locations, at every location we were welcomed with open arms and met great new people. Together we showed the world how beautiful Curaçao is.

Serena’s Art Factory is back on her feet now, we have 40 painters who are actively painting again. And due to the success of the crowdfunding we were able to train and hire new painters and production members.

7 Painters successfully finished their training
24 Painters are in training with payment
10 Production members were hired

We are very pleased to see that Curaçao tourism is getting back on track. That is why we have decided to finish the last 30% ourselves. XXXL Chichi® is currently “home” at Serena’s Art Factory. We will continue with our live painting sessions every Wednesday, we invite you all to our Factory to see it happen. XXXL Chichi® is getting ready for her final destination in Willemstad, Punda.

We would like to thank all our sponsors for making this possible!!

Update: As of August 18th 2022, Chichi is placed in Punda at Wilhelminaplein. See how the reveal went here.